Easy art making, requiring no previous experience, helps us to create an energetic connection with ourselves and our art can become a reflective surface, thereby supporting personal discovery. Visual narrative is a process that allows our stories to be told through art – and our lives are filled with stories. Some support us and some challenge us. We tap in to what we notice and feel and connect with, as our art pieces become transitional objects, representative of memory, of an experience, of a thought or of a desire.

We will create a quiet, calm, contemplative space where we can slow down, notice connections between things, see their meaning and expand understanding.

This work leads straight in to experiencing how we use the energy of our body and the patterns of attitude we carry that decide how we move energy to meet the work. Moving the energy of stories can lead to the development of new possibilities. It is an active and energetic sharing of our whole self that allows new awarenesses to arise, often in surprising, exciting and unanticipated ways. 

If you wish to add an exploration of creative expression to your coaching journey, we will work with a variety of art materials in a very simple way.

We will use acrylic paints, crayons, glue sticks, magazine/calendar/old book images for collage work, mixed media sketchbooks, up cycled cardboard/pizza rounds, thick paper plates/old game boards. I can also provide surface materials called JourneyCircles and MoonCircles specifically designed for creative journey work by JourneyPath Institute. No artistic ability is required for this work. Expression can be abstract, symbolic and collaged.

Guided journeys offer an additional way to access your inner world and what is conscious and unconscious within. I guide you to this place within, using ambient sound and a paced voice, creating the opportunity for you to visualise this place in a way that is similar to dreaming. I offer suggestions of sensing, of place, guides, symbols and other details in a very loose way, so that the journey is created by you and becomes your own individual experience and source of material for your creating.

These creative opportunities can be incorporated into coaching sessions and they can also be used to engage with the self-led courses that I offer.

My courses offer you a generative journey experience. As you work through the module materials offered you will be inspired to explore through the creative process, using narrative to make meaning and art as imagery and symbolism. This journey work into your inner landscape is deeply immersive and intuitive and draws upon your past or current experiences, allowing you to connect deeply with your own personal myths and to nurture your self-knowing as you move towards transformation and the conscious creating of your future.

If you would like to engage with a generative journey experience then please contact me to express your interest and I can provide you with more in depth information and set you up to receive the materials.

Courses coming soon…

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