Hello and Welcome!

You have found your way to this place of discovery and I am glad you are here.

You have some questions you want to ask, perhaps about yourself, or a new work/life challenge; possibly a change of direction has arisen, through choice, through unexpected or unwanted events which are unsettling, or causing fear or grief; or it could be that a dream is calling more loudly to be lived.

Sometimes it can seem like there are too many possibilities and it can be hard to decide which opportunity to follow, on your path towards transformation.

Maybe you have stories that need to be told, or stories that are repeating themselves and you want to express them out loud to someone who is willing to listen to the way you want to tell them.

Whatever the reason, you are ready to open up, express what has been hidden, explore new pathways and increase your resources.

To begin a new journey means to go into what is unknown and it can be helpful to have guidance in navigating the strangeness of difference and feelings of loss that sometimes arise, even when the new ways are actively sought.

A Leather Journal

Journey work requires us to venture into a deepening understanding of ourselves, whilst at the same time generating new awareness and choice.  Changing can be multi-directional.

This is where I come in – I can support you in refining your narrative.  I provide a sense of space for you to experience inner reflection, to deepen your understanding of your material of life, and to develop and use your own energy to change and then to grow personal agency.

Start your journey

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