As a Depth Coach I will share a co-creative relationship with you. Together we will explore creative tools and narrative and I will guide you on your own unique journey of self-discovery, along old, recognised and reliable pathways to new territories, helping you to envision stories and new ways of being.

I will create space to hold our work together in deep listening, trust, encouragement, confidentiality and safety. If at any time I think that the direction of coaching is in need of additional support I will consult with you and suggest alternatives.

I will offer you inspiration, possibility, processes, witnessing and reflection which will support your movement, your direction of exploration and change and provide clarity to your deepening self-knowledge.

I will assist you in defining your intentions and your priorities and then setting your goals towards personal growth and an enriched, engaged and integrated life, where you are responsible for and empowered by your personal transformation.

I will provide a forum for you to find your voice, share your experiences and renew your ability to make choices through a state of balance, clarity and centredness.

I will support you in unearthing deep personal insights and guide you into inspiring change and growth.

I will support you in recognising how and where you are using your energy and how this relates to your self-care and wellness.

I will support you in finding meaning, expression, identity and purpose.

I will guide you into experiencing healing from past difficulties, developing compassion and growth within your relationships and choosing new paths while we consciously progress together into cycles of integration and wholeness.

We can explore through many lenses depending on your preferences:-

Relational conversation – personal storytelling/narrative
Guided visualisation journeys
Creative art process and tools
Mythopoetic expression
Jungian Depth Perspectives – archetypes/parts of self/symbols
The Hero’s/Heroine’s/Sacred Journey©
Developmental perspectives
Embodied practices
Personal visioning/life developing tools
Motivational Tools
Business focussed tools for self-leadership, leading others, professional development and visioning

I provide confidential online and in person 1:1 coaching.


1. An initial 20 minute conversation for you to ask questions and see if we are a good fit for one another.
2. An in-depth 90 minute discovery session – I will provide you with some questions before this session and we will discuss your answers in this session.
3. Thereafter, weekly, every other week or monthly 60 minute coaching sessions.


Initial discovery session £100.00.

60 minute session £80.00.

– One discovery session plus 5 coaching sessions at £425.00 (15% discount).
– One discovery session plus 10 coaching sessions at £720.00 (20% discount).
– Five additional sessions £340.00 (15% discount).
– Ten additional sessions £640.00 (20% discount).

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