I am Sarah Mayhew and I have travelled my own spiral path of searching and discovery – I am still on that path, learning every day.

I began working life as a medical secretary and subsequently re-trained as a physiotherapist, manifesting my enduring fascination of human biology into something tangible and meaningful. Seeing people, who were locked into contraction and pain, soften and open into flow of movement, was inspiring work.

I left this behind and started my family. Then began a period of 20+ years of battling to have my daughter’s life-long health condition recognised, diagnosed and treated. This was a tough path for our family to walk.

Five years ago I set up a leadership consultancy business with my husband. During those five years I have created models and training materials and I have recruited, trained and coached our colleagues and clients along the way.

I have faced many personal struggles such as loss of physical capabilities through ill health, loss of roles and loss of identities and I have redefined my purpose many times over. I have also created space for courage, determination and resilience, so I feel well placed to support others through times of transition.

Although I left physiotherapy a long time ago, the theoretical understanding does not go and this knowledge now underpins my exploration of embodied coaching and all the latest discoveries in neuroscience, which I use to support your coaching experience.

My own coaching journey led me to creative depth work. Messy, non-judgemental art making has always tugged at the edges of my life and I choose to make proper, dedicated space for this. There is something powerful about using imagery to connect directly with the unconscious mind. It can provide a shortcut to understanding ourselves and our responses to events and it is a very personal way to hold stories which allows them to be both kept private and also to be witnessed, if you choose to describe them to others.

I am a certified Creative Depth Coach, A JourneyCircles™ Facilitator and a MoonCircles™ Guide. This coaching and facilitation allows me to offer methods that reveal hidden meanings held within the images of stories, either as individual imagery or through the pattern play of many pieces. Patterns are then revealed which helps to separate out tangles of confusion and movement can be generated in previously stuck stories.

As a Mindshop Accredited Leader I support clients in building capability and confidence around self-leadership in the business environment, through the use of a variety of problem solving tools, working through conscious competence towards the goal of unconscious competence.